The Guide to the Principles of Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution

Promotes effective, mindful communication and conflict resolution in relationships

The Guide supports effective communication and more intimate communication, learned from the practise of mediation which helps people create more constructive and effective ways of responding to conflict.

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The Guide to the Principles of Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution - based on insights gained from the practice of mediation.

Learn how to make the Principles part of your normal communication practice.

The Guide takes you through an explanation of each of the Principles and then provides you with ways of practicing them and integrating them into your everyday relationships, whether at work with your colleagues, or at home with your partner, your children, your neighbour, with anyone, anywhere.

The Guide will raise your awareness of when you are using the Principles and when you are not, and you will see the positive difference they make in your dealings with others.

As you practice them, your relationships with others will improve.

You will have less destructive conflicts with others as your communication practices will not 'fan the flames'. Instead they will support connection, and sometimes even intimacy, with the other person.

The Guide promotes communication with awareness - Mindful Communication.

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